About the Project

The objective of the project is to facilitate and promote the development of closer cooperation among V4 countries in the field of environmental assessment. Aim is to support improving the process of environmental assessment in terms of mutual cooperation and exchange of knowledge. Current methodologies will be reviewed in relation to the development of a new methodologies as well as practical experience with the process of evaluating the impacts of proposed activities on the environment.

The project is primarily aimed at:

  • Collecting and gathering methods and methodologies procedures used in environmental assessments in project partners countries
  • Analysis, synthesis and comparison of collected methods and methodologies depending on the nature, location and size of proposed activities (evaluation of the questionnaire survey).
  • Developing, improving and harmonizing methods for the identification, measurement, prediction and impact assessment and transfer of information on practices in this area in project partners countries.

Project outputs have a multiplicative effect, because the selected methods can be applied in practical fields and in the science in solving environmental problems. Project will continue to the further joint projects, developing of guide manuals, procedures and guidelines for the issues which have not yet been addressed (e.g. risk analysis).

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